Using Marantz receiver internal dac


I can’t quite figure out the following; For roon I use a mini PC (i7, 16GB, 256GB SSD). In addition, a bluesound node 130 and a Marantz Cinema 50. It is not clear to me whether I am using the internal dac of the Marantz or that of the bluesound. The bluesound is connected to the Marantz via a coaxial cable. It also plays lossless, so that seems to be good. In the bluesound settings, I only see stereo, left/right and mono in the output settings, but no Marantz. I also connected a USB cable but that makes no difference. Am I doing something wrong or does using the coaxial cable automatically use the Marantz internal DAC? I have already tried to find more information via the internet and bluesound, but bluesound only says that an external DAC must be visible in the audio settings when I read their website.


This setup will use the DAC Marantz amp.
Roon has no visibility downstream of what’s happening in the Bluesound node.
To use the Bluesound DAC you would need to connect via the phono outputs to the inputs on your receiver.

As Peter says its using the Maramtz DAC but as its connected via Coax from the Node it will only see the Node as there is no two communication over spdif connections so Roon has no visibility of whats after the node and will also assume your using its internal DAC as all outputs in BS devices are actvie at once.

To be fair, the signal path does say “analog/digital outputs” inside Bluesound so it doesn’t assume anything.

It’s well noted that it shows signal for internal dac processes even with an external DAC attached via usb. Don’t think BS feed this info back via RAAT unless somethings changed in recent firmware upgrades.

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