Using meridian 818v3 and analogue speakers

Hi sorry for my silly sounding question

I have roon wireless to my meridian 818v3 as a pre amp . Analogue out then going to a meridian 857 power amp and to my passive speakers

My question is

If I use USB to my mqa input on the 818 from my mac will I be hearing full mqa . I can get mqa wireless through roon but as 818 only goes to 96khz I’m not sure if it’s TRUE mqa
Currently I use the usual way cat6 cable to 818 from router, then wireless via mac . Or can mqa only be truly heard via active speakers ie meridian 8000.
I use vinyl hense the power amp set up

Thanks for the help

Hi Michael,

If you send MQA material to the 818 via the USB input or the ID41 card then your 818 will FULLY decode the MQA content. This will occur regardless of whether you have the Roon core wired or wireless.

MQA is generally seen as 24/48 files before they are decoded so will get into your 818 just fine.

All the decode and rendering up to max analogue rates will be done inside the 818.

Does that help ?

Cheers nick. I thought that as my 818 shows mqa. But no blue light on roon. Which I’m unsure why as I understood mqa light on roon to be blue

On an additional note if I use dsp with non mqa and 2 x sample rate the sound does at instantly sound somewhat brighter / more dynamic

But mainly I’m happy with my sound but your always wondering if your missing something

I don’t pay much attention to the lights. Roon should just show sending of bit perfect signal for MQA.

As for DSP changing sound…I guess it all depends on what DSP you apply.