Using Meridian Prime Power Supply for Nucleus Plus

I just purchased the Roon Nucleus Plus. As I also own a Meridian Prime Power Supply I wondered whether I can power the Nucleus with a cable like this:
Any other recommendations? Please note that I am not technical at all. I know nothing of Volts and Amperes. It is because of the vast improvement in sound that I added the Prime Power Supply to my Meridian Prime Amplifier. Just wondering if that will work for the Nucleus as well.

I live in The Netherlands


Prime Power Supply output is 12v…

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It will not work. You need a lot more amps than the prime PSU can deliver.

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I’ve often thought to myself that the Prime LPS was a bit useless in this regard, if it could supply 5V 2.5 amps to the extra outlets you could at least use it to power your Raspberry Pi or USBridge etc.


Thanks guys for your prompt replies!

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