Using Parametric EQ for all apps on computer, not just Roon?

So in roon I use parametric EQ, the roon app is installed on a windows 10 PC. Today I was toggling parametric EQ on and off and realized it does nothing when I’m playing spotify. For me parametric EQ only seems to apply to Roon only… is there a way to make the EQ apply to everything on my PC?

No there isn’t.

Equaliser APO with Peace GUI

Sonarworks global EQ

Virtual audio cable routed through a DAW with an EQ VST applied.

These are the only methods I know to get a global EQ effect.

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Thanks for the response guys.
Billy, I’ll check those out those other options. Cheers!

No problem. Hope you get it sorted.

Equalizer APO works great, I have been using it for years as i have slight hearing loss in my left ear. This app allows a system wide eq on L/R channels seperately. Here’s a link Equlaizer APO

For some reason Equaliser APO never worked for me. I ended up using virtual cable to route in to a DAW and then use a vst plugin but I always had doubts that routing the virtual audio cable through the DAW in real time was not giving me the best SQ. So then I moved to sonarworks and was happy at first but I was not happy that you either listen to their house sound correction or nothing at all.

Then I got roon and have been enjoying the EQ and convolution DSP but I hardly even EQ any more.