Using Rock internal drive for storage

New to Roon and still in the process of learning … I have a NUC with a 120G M2 SSD installed running Rock and have copied some music into its /data/storage folder, how do I tell Roon to crawl this folder as I cannot seem to get it listed in the Roon settings/storage dialog.

I did succeed getting it to work via localhost but would rather not have the net sit in between for locally stored music :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have a second internal drive, it will show up like this - -


You shouldn’t put music on the ROCK OS drive. You need a second drive, if your NUC allows that. An alternative, if you don’t want to involve the network, is a USB drive connected to your NUC.


As @xxx says, do NOT use the Roon OS drive for storing your music. If ever you need to reinstall Roon OS, while the process will preserve your Roon database and settings, it will blow away all folders that are not part of Roon OS and the Roon software - and that means your music files will be wiped.

The ROCK Storage Basics article gives you the only two options you have for storing music in your ROCK/NUC: a second drive installed in the NUC (if your NUC model has this option available) or adding one or more USB drives.

If either of these options are followed, you will see the “Internal Storage” folder appear and Roon will have fast local access to the files, no network access required.

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The M.2 drive is for the OS and database only. It cannot be used to store music files. Hence there is no point going above 128 or 256 even with a high library.

You need to add a second HDD or SSD to use for music storage. An HDD I think is limited to 2tb based on the physical size of the drive . SSD can go as high as 8tb , in fact somebody was querying a 16gb drive the other day

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Ok, thanks all for the headsup, much appreciated. It makes sense not to open up the rock partition for datastorage from an ease of update & maintenance perspective. I equipped my Rock Nuc with a 120G M2 and found that after crawling 80K+ songs the rock/data share was still only like 10G in size making me wonder if the remaining 100G could be used as storage, preferably as a separate partition to circumvent disk full problems?

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If you want to use that SSD for music storage, you will need to run Ubuntu or another Linux distribution. ROCK can not do it.

If you do somehow succeed in getting music stored on the boot SSD (there are ways), I guarantee unexpected data loss in the future. It’s not a use case ROCK supports. This design is implemented throughout the operating system.

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