Using ROCK with a read-only NAS share [answered: nothing you wouldn't expect]

Aside from losing the ability to use Roon’s few file management features (delete files etc.), are there any downsides to using ROCK with a read-only access to a NAS share with the music library?

It’s working for me so far, but I’m not sure if I’m missing something important. Is there a must-have reason to give ROCK write access to the NAS?

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Roon / ROCK does not manage your actual music files. It only manages it’s own database, built using information found in your files. It doesn’t change or delete anything in the files themselves. Therefore, read-only access shouldn’t matter one way or the other. I used it that way, though now I have the files on an internal SSD in the i5 NUC that runs ROCK.

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Roon’s UI supports dragging files/folders on to it, to help you copy stuff to your storage from a Mac/Windows computer.

You will lose this as well obviously.