Using Roon as a blind user


I am a blind music and hifi fan and because more and more streamers are certified to Roon and there are not much other alternatives I like to use Roon too.

The problem is, that Roon is a full graphical system. For that reason blind people can not use the system with normal screen reading software like VoiceOver on the Mac or iOS devices or NVDA or Jaws on Windows.

Currently I am using the good old Logitech Mediaserver with a Transporter and the Limetree Bridge from Lindemann, while the Lindemann player is integrated via a upnp bridge plugin into the Logitech system. iPeng is the app on my iPhone that lets me control the system.

I am wondering if there is really no possibility to let also blind people use Roon. While the official apps seem to be not accessible, maybe there are other ways to control a Roon system somehow.

Do you have any ideas or hints that might help?

Cheers and many thanks,


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Hi Christian,

I think you’ve described the issue correctly in your second paragraph and I don’t recall hearing of any workaround.

I’d suggest trying a reader with OCR (optical character recognition) capability, if such a thing exists. Honestly though, for the moment, I can’t help but feel that if your existing setup works satisfactorily then stick with it.

In case there is any doubt, you’re always welcome here to chat on the forum about music, gear or whatever no matter whether you use Roon or not.

I just want to add that beyond the considerable community of blind music lovers, there is an even larger group who have varying levels of vision impairment who would also benefit from a version of roon that was tuned for those for whom graphical UI is not an option.



sad to read that there is still no solution for the problem that blind users do have with Roon and that there are still no more accessible solution available.

However, I wonder how extensions like this do work:

I’ve not tryed this extension and maybe its also not accessible, but if it is possible to build such an extension it might be possible to get an alternativ and more accessible interface too.

That was the intension of my first question… If the official Roon client is not yet accessible, are there any other possebilities I could try?


Hi @Christian_Schopplein,

The Web Controller provides web pages with now playing and library browsing functionality, it might be worth a try to see how this is processed by your screen reading software. For this the setup steps are to get the extension running and get it enable in the Roon UI.

On what OS is your Roon core running?

I created an Extension Manager that can be installed on different OSes, it might be helpful in getting things up and running. I’m willing to support you in this.