Using Roon both at home and at work. Is it possible?

I just use headphones at my work computer for tidal. Tidal playlists suck really hard. From what little i’ve used of roon in my trial at home I love the playlists it generates and would love to be able to use roon for this at work too. Considering i’m at my desk for 10hrs a day, it’s where i consume most of my music so is actually more important to me than the home setup. That said i still want the core at home (even though not accessing files while at work).
Any chance of this streaming implementation being done as a stop gap to the larger synced environment? Or @support is there already a way to do this?

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You can move your account between computers fairly easy so that you can use Roon on both machines.

Hi @Hugo_Sharp ---- Thank you for the post and sharing your feedback with us. Very appreciated!

Moving forward, to “piggy back” on @Ludwig’s post (:thumbsup:). Information on how you can transfer your Roon license can be found here in our knowledge base. Furthermore our COO Danny goes into detail about the future of Multi-location and mobile Roon usage here.


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A personal VPN will allow you access to your home network. Many cable modem and dsl routers have one built-in just waiting to be enabled. Seek help if you’re not familiar with network security to avoid opening up your network to others.

If one is having a spare Raspberry Pi, this is a fairly simple setup.

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Thanks all so far. Have signed up to roon now but a long way to go.

So my issue is work is very restrictive and remote - scratchy internet and no ability to write to external drives. I had hoped to just backup my db each time i leave work and home to move it but that’s not an option.

I’ve looked but so many options i’m hoping for some direction. Would be great to be able to use something like an astell and kern to hold all my files and be the external drive that home recognises. Then i can use roon when at a desktop and the DAP when on the road but i don’t think this is possible??

Or can i install a roon server on a raspberry pi and bring that and a generic external drive with me to work and home?

Any other ways i can have my files and metadata at home and work? @support


Can you bring a laptop back and forth between home and office?

It can drive a USB headphone dongle at work, and automatically connect to networked zones at home.

Thanks yeah i could but it would be more of a hassle than i would like to be honest. And potentially send the wrong message to my boss. A good back up though.

Am I missing something ?

You buy a license , as you install it you choose where the license sits eg at home

Now at work as you start roon it will look for the home core, you swap the license to the work machine and have a second , usb hdd, Library at work

When you get home your home Roon won’t work because it’s connected at work so you swap it back

As I remember there a few warning messages but it’s simple clicks

Hope I’m right


Mike it should be that simple, and i have done that for two weeks now, but work won’t let ppl write to external hard drives so it’s a nightmare with my metadata (eg favouriting tracks and albums and creating book marks). Unless i make notes in a doc and do all the meta stuff at home i guess.

In my opinion using your work computer for personal stuff like Roon is more of a no no than bringing your own machine to work. I know you don’t like the idea but you need to transfer your computer back and forth to work to negate the database/metadata issues. A Microsoft Surface would be a good option, it’s a little bigger than an iPad, so easy to transport and just be honest with your boss and say it contains your music.


I had the same issue when I was working, the company only allowed “approved software”, fortunately they allowed iTunes ( love or hate it)

I used my trusty iPod Claasic160 to get around it …

With draconian rules I agree it’s tough. Why don’t you have a small sample hdd (1tb drives are reasonably priced and hold a fair collection albeit a sample of your main library) as effectively read only , import that set into Roon at work and just listen to it , making no changes. swapping cores for the license is simple enough.


Thanks Mike. I will eventually but i hasn’t associated how much curation is ahead of me. 20k songs all uncategorised. So I’ll run roon from my personal laptop at my desk until i get on top of it and then export a best of to a hard drive due listening only off the work pc.

I’m sure your boss will be thrilled that you need to do this so as preserve all the curation work you do at the office!

Point being, perhaps the home is just the master location and you don’t do any organizing or curation at work? Then you just update your office DB maybe once per week?

Even so, depending on the business, I don’t think the boss will be thrilled with Roon on the office network at all. From what I have observed, security hasn’t been a priority for the devs. Not being critical - given the standard use case, it wasn’t meant as an enterprise media solution…

haha. Yes a concern and why i was wanting it on the work machine in the first place. Nothing’s been said yet re the personal laptop next to the work one, but working 12 hr days in the dusty office of a remote mine site hopefully affords me some concessions.

It is still proving quite the quandary though. As i build a system for home for my partner to listen to the same files while i’m away mon-fri.

Just checking back in here to see if anyone has some thoughts. The nuts of it are that I run roon at work on a laptop and external hard-drive. I’ve been carting this all home but want to put a server in at home with internal drives. What’s the best way for me to:
a) have sync’d metadata so the library on the laptop and server are mirrored - I’m keen to setup a ROCK based server so not sure that even a dropbox based library is an option?
b) be able to access all files in both places - easy enough to mirror the hard-drives but can Roon switch source drive and keep humming?

Many thanks again,