Using Roon display advice please

Morning or Afternoon all just after a bit of advice please. I Currently have a 2019 LG tv, Now i can use the browser on the TV and use that as a display. Just wondering if using a Chromecast like the ultra would provide to be better then using the browser on the TV

Hi Nick

I could never get my LG TV to link and now use a Chromecast

It works very well - I can not compare with using the browser though

Hi Ken I couldnt get mine to link at first. Until i changed my Network settings i couldn’t use my fire tablet for a remote until Norris helped me now i can use the remote and TV i think the TV has to be after 2018 for the browser to be compatable. I use Soundcloud and Mixcloud also and i can use the browser for that also but im not a big fan of the look with using the Browser


Hi Nick,

I have a Samsung TV; so my experience with its internal browser is probably not relavant. However, I will say that I use a chromecast instead of the internal browser. All the TV browser’s I have seen are pretty bad, imho. Which is why I went with a chromecast.

My advice would be to get a chromecast and compare it for yourself. It’s a relatively cheap experiment.

Great thanks for the Advice Rugby :slight_smile: