Using Roon Nucleus (also) as a fileserver for pictures

I got tired of maintaining a setup with Roon Server running on Windows 11 PC. The PC was used also as a fileserver, mainly for pictures. I have found and bought a used Roon Nucleus rev. B with an internal 2TB SSD. I have it set up and it runs nicely with Roon as expected.
I am nowhere close to using the 2TB capacity, so I wonder if I can use that space to store pictures, as I did on the PC. The pictures are accessed rarely, even more rarely when Roon is also in use.
I have tested it with a single file placed in a dedicated folder inside /InternalStorage and such files can be accessed over the network as if it was an ordinary network-shared drive. Are the any reasons not to to go ahead and move a large amount of pictures onto a dedicated folder inside the music library on that 2TB SSD?

It is indeed a normal network shared drive, but the Nucleus treats the whole internal storage as one storage area (you can’t separate out single folders), so I think it might try to do something with these image files, and who knows what that might lead to.

Well, you could configure the Internal Storage in settings to ignore a “Pictures”-folder, just like Temp/Tmp and a couple of others?

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Ah, good point! Forgot about this, it might work. Though there was a recent thread how to get the pattern format right to catch the right folder(s), may be worth searching for this because I remember it is not entirely obvious maybe

A bit off topic, but I would be interested to know what problems you encountered. My “NAS” is a Windows PC with an external USB disc that is shared. It used to run Roon server, then both Roon and LMS, and now just LMS, and I never had to do anything really in terms of maintenance.

Thanks, this looks right. I was not aware of the option to set what is automatically monitored.

Make a “Pictures” folder, then disable it in Roon: Settings → Storage → 3 dots: edit
by adding ; /Pictures/ to the end of the list. Be careful with the syntax.


Roon Server stopped working roughly once a week. Could be fixed with a restart of the Windows PC. Also, I occasionally needed to restart the PC, when Windows was updating. Did so using remote connection from my laptop. Earlier, I had Roon running on a PC which I used for daily work, and in that setup up, I routinely took care of the Windows updates, so it never became a problem with Roon. With Nucleus, it has worked with no need for maintenance and no down time, since I set it up 6-7 weeks ago.