Using ROON off-line

I have a house with very spotty Internet connection—a DSL connection at the end of a very long, dead-end road. In the evening when my neighbors get on the web, the Internet slows to a crawl and ROON starts acting up—songs sputter, or drop for several seconds. Is there a way to use ROON off-line, or is there a setup that would give me more stable music playing?

Is yours a wireless setup?

More questions:
Does it happen for local files or is it Tidal which gives you trouble? The streaming will suffer from bad internet - local files should play. Roon itself could live 30 days without internet (but of course will not identify files or fetch new metadata).

Unlike a cable connection, a DSL connection shares bandwidth with others within a certain locality. In this case, as you’ve observed, your neighbors. Probably a phone company subscription? Notoriously shitty.

I guess you can’t get cable.

Still, should only effect Tidal play, but not your local music files. If playback is bad with your local files then something else is wrong.

You have that reversed. DOCSIS is shared. DSL is a dedicated line back to the local switch.



Yep, you’re right, I reversed it. DSL sucks, not because of shared bandwidth, but because of speed vs. DOCSIS.

Thanks for the feedback.

  • The problem happens frequently when trying to play TIDAL, which I expected. It also happens at night when I try to play music stored on my local hardrive. I thought the latter was due to ROON having to get info on the music, but perhaps I misunderstand.
    *I am getting download speeds of 1 to 1.5 Mbps during the day, and it drops to 0.5 or lower at night.
  • I am running ROON on a Mac Mini, connected to an AirPort Extreme via Ethernet cable. Playing music on a Naim Mu-so, connected to an Airport Express via Ethernet cable. Airport Express is wirelessly connected to the AirPort Extreme LAN.

Surprised you can do anything.

I have been rightfully corrected by @WiWavelength, it probably isn’t a bandwidth problem.

Don’t know if this is part of your problem, but I’ve read other people on this forum complain about Apple WiFI.

Tagging @support for you.

The Internet provider has been promising an upgrade to FIOS for a while. Fingers crossed. In the meantime I largely use it as an opportunity to be off the grid (it is a second home). But I want to listen to music.

Glad to hear things should work for playing local files. I will think about stringing some Ethernet cable to connect the Airport Express with the AirPort Extreme. It sounds like that might help.