Using Roon to replicate IFI's XBass and 3D effects in DSP

I’ll admit it. I really like the XBass+ and 3D+ effects that are available on IFI’s iDSD Micro Black Label. But the iDSD micro isn’t nearly as convenient as the JDS Atom amp and Allo Katana DAC running Roopieee setup sitting on my desk.

Is there a way to use Roon’s DSP filters to emulate IFI’s XBass and 3D effects? I’ve tried using Roon’s crossfeed filter (both Chu Moy and John Meier settings), but I can barely detect what they’re doing. Certainly they don’t approximate IFI’s 3D effect. I also don’t have the confidence to effectively use Roon’s parametric EQ settings.

I’ll be glad for any pointers folks might provide on how to approximate the IFI effects.