Using ROON with Ayon NW-T

Hullo all, I am looking at a very well priced second hand Ayon NW-T but am aware they are not a ROON endpoint. It would sit perfectly with my Stratos dac and Auris II balanced pre amp. I want to keep using ROON and found this whilst Googling-

S-3, S-5sx, S-5 and NW-T Network-Player with Roon – Ayon Audio

Has anyone tried/used this approach? Are there any pros & cons with this approach? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

A number of people use similar software or sonores UPnP bridge hardware which does the same to use it with older Naim kit and are happy with it. It has its limitations and you won’t get the advantages of RAAT nor any display of artwork etc and you may not get much support from Roon itself with any issues related to playback via is as its not a supported to device. But it may work well.

Thanks Simon, I did remember your previous reply in my similar thread but I had not found the Ayon advice at that point in time, hence re-posting. Might just have to bite the bullet and go Ayon S-10 II which is ROON ready