Using Roon with Chord Poly

Just bought a Poly, and I’m struggling to add it as an end-point in Roon (where at the moment my only end-point is a Linn Akurate). Can someone point me at simple instructions, please? I’d be most grateful.

If I remember rightly in go figure there is a Roon setting. Make sure it’s on and the wifi are on the same network. Go to Roon settings and it should have poly in players/endpoints? Click on it.
I would check but I’m waiting for a battery for my mojo!

Are you using the (still slightly clunky IMHO) GoFigure app? The Roon switch you need to flick is about 2/3 down on the screenshot below from the iOS GoFigure app:


I made peace with mine. I just flick between Roon and the SD card.

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Yeah, the whole MoJo/Poly thing only really works because they sound so good for the price. As it is I see mine as quirky/idiosyncratic rather than borderline unusable. Kind of like the Yang to my iPod classic’s Ying.

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It was borderline unusable for about a year, I just kept it on Roon until the update a couple of years ago. I had a devialet a while back, manufacturer’s must see me as a test case!

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My problem is with Roon rather than the Chord App - I can’t see where to add the Poly in the Roon settings. I’ve set it up for Roon in GoFigure.

It should show up in settings/audio. Click on it to set it up.

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Thanks to all who contributed for their help - sorted now. A further problem - but outside the realm of Roon - is that Chord have withdrawn direct support for Qobuz from Poly, so I need to use a third party renderer when I’m not at home. Blast!