Using Roon with Chord Poly

Just bought a Poly, and I’m struggling to add it as an end-point in Roon (where at the moment my only end-point is a Linn Akurate). Can someone point me at simple instructions, please? I’d be most grateful.

If I remember rightly in go figure there is a Roon setting. Make sure it’s on and the wifi are on the same network. Go to Roon settings and it should have poly in players/endpoints? Click on it.
I would check but I’m waiting for a battery for my mojo!

Are you using the (still slightly clunky IMHO) GoFigure app? The Roon switch you need to flick is about 2/3 down on the screenshot below from the iOS GoFigure app:


I made peace with mine. I just flick between Roon and the SD card.

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Yeah, the whole MoJo/Poly thing only really works because they sound so good for the price. As it is I see mine as quirky/idiosyncratic rather than borderline unusable. Kind of like the Yang to my iPod classic’s Ying.

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It was borderline unusable for about a year, I just kept it on Roon until the update a couple of years ago. I had a devialet a while back, manufacturer’s must see me as a test case!

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My problem is with Roon rather than the Chord App - I can’t see where to add the Poly in the Roon settings. I’ve set it up for Roon in GoFigure.

It should show up in settings/audio. Click on it to set it up.

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Thanks to all who contributed for their help - sorted now. A further problem - but outside the realm of Roon - is that Chord have withdrawn direct support for Qobuz from Poly, so I need to use a third party renderer when I’m not at home. Blast!

Can anyone who owns a Poly/Mojo 2 shed any light on how long the battery lasts when not in use?

I’ve read that the battery goes down even when the devices are switched off. As I’d be an occasional user I just wondered if it would last 2 weeks, or a month, if put away in a drawer fully charged? Thanks.

Yes, it goes down remarkably quickly, even when not in use. You might be ok for two weeks, not much longer.

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Thanks, that’s a shame not sure it’ll work for me then, if each time I reach for it it’s gone flat and then I need to charge it for several hours.

I use mine almost constantly in ‘desktop mode’ and leave it always connected to power. No adverse affects yet. Could you leave yours plugged in to power, tucked away for when you need it?

This way it’s always charged, doesn’t to my knowledge harm the battery anymore than normal usage.


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Thanks for the suggestion. I guess that is an option, though I generally prefer not to have devices left on “standby” when not in use.

I understand.

Maybe have it plugged into a timer plug or a smart plug and have it come on for a few hours each week to top up any depleted charge.


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