Using Roon with Oppo BDP105D

On the page that lists “Roon Tested Players,” there’s an Oppo Digital icon and if you click it, you get to the product page for the BDP105D. But it isn’t clear how this player is Roon capable. I have been able to connect the BDP105D to my computer either by USB or HDMI and use the Oppo’s built-in DAC, but that doesn’t make the player any more Roon capable than any other DAC. I mean, isn’t pretty much any hard-wired DAC Roon capable? The real question is whether the BDP105D can be used as a networked endpoint. That would greatly enhance my system if that could be made to work. Can it?

That would be “Roon Ready” which the BDP105 is not. It is only " Roon Tested". See this for details about what they mean.

So, can we network Roon to Oppo players now?

I get terrific results running Roon through HQPlayer (converting everything to DSD128) then through a Sonicorbiter as NAA feeding a Regen feeding the rear USB port on the Oppo BDP-105D. Much of what I listen to is upsampled Tidal content, but the sound quality of upsampled Tidal with the right HQP filters is hugely better than playing Tidal files directly through the Oppo. Roon, of course adds the best user interface on top of all that sound quality. :slight_smile:

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Wonderful. I wonder if it will work with a BDP103. Can’t wait to go home to try it.

Thanks Stephan.

Unfortunately, the BDP103 doesn’t have the USB Asynchronous DAC input and the second ESS Sabre32 Reference Audio Digital-to-Analogue Converter chip that was upgraded to support DSD 64/128, so I’m not sure you can use it in the way that I’m using the 105D. Maybe other Oppo users here can help re the 103.

No. Not without another network device such as a microrendu or raspberry pi.

AH, got it! It needs to function as a DAC. Nevermind. :slight_smile:

Are there any good news for use 105D with roon?

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I do something similar(upsample to DSD128 via Roon) and I’m in shock at how good the DAC in the Oppo 105 is. I keep thinking about updating my DAC but with Roon I can hold off for awhile.

Is some able to advise how I can “wire” this up with my iMac Roon core in the kitchen 10m away form the Oppo 105. I can able under the house. Cheers

An OPPO BDP-105D is not Roon ready. It can be used as a DAC but not as an endpoint. So, run Ethernet or Wi-Fi to a Roon endpoint, followed by S/PDIF, HDMI, or USB to the OPPO.


would you explain how do you upsample to DSD128 via Roon? thanks

It’s been awhile and I no longer use the Oppo but it’s pretty straightforward. DSP->(Enable)Sample rate conversion->DSD >DSD128. Something along these lines. I now have a new DAC and I don’t upsample to DSD any longer.

Connect a USB cable from Roon Core (or a Roon bridge if you have) to the USB input of BDP-105D.

Use a computer or tablet (not a smartphone) to go into Roon DSP Engine and configure the upsampling.

and it works only if connected via USB ? I am not interested in stereo DSD only multichannel and it works only via HDMI. But in DSP I do not see the option to upsampling

I dont have that option in DSP… I guess it shows up only when you connected via USB to the OPPO which I am not interested to since I am mainly into multi channel music.

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