Using windows driver from DAC manufacturer with ROCK for native DSD playback

Hi everyone. I finally migrate to ROCK . My DAC is GOLD NOTE DS1000 and has Usb drivers (native DSD playback) for windows. It was ok with my previous setup roon-windows app, but since ROCK is linux based, my only DSD option now is DoP. Is there a solution to get my native DSD playback options back? Thank you for your replies.

Not if it needs windows drivers.

Native DSD isn’t sounding any better than DoP, unless you’re OCD about it.

thank you for your reply, the manufacturer says use their driver because it is written especially for this model (for example 512 dsd is possible with no conversion this way) but now i know it is only possible with windows platform, at this moment.

I am not an expert in upconverting or DSD… but I have a DSD capable DAC (Topping D90). In roon I can select DSD512, it up samples to that and my DAC shows that it is receiving DSD 22.56Mhz which is DSD512. This is coming from a NUC ROCK which is Linux. So Linux is not the issue. In my other system I have a Benchmark DAC which accepts DoP64 Max. Roon shows that as the max I can send. Perhaps Roon doesn’t know the capabilities of your DAC?

As I understand it DoP is just a package to wrap DSP so it doesn’t affect the digital signal.

Linux is the issue in this case as it is for many DACs, unless the kernel is patched to explicitly say the DAC can handle native DSD. If the DAC is fully UAC2 compliant it should work with no issues but not all are. Your topping is one such DAC that works fine, many brands don’t as they are not fully UAC2 compliant.

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Hello Bora and Welcome to Roon!

What do you have the DAC connected to? Is it hooked up to the Rock?

You can have a Rock setup for the Server and also have a Windows PC as a endpoint in which you can have this DAC connected to.


my DAC (Gold Note DS-1000 Mk2 ) capable of native DSD 256, with its windows driver i can play native 512. DAC is directly connected to ROCK with USB connection. my music on NAS.

special driver is

maybe roon will resolve this communication problem between ROCK and DAC?

thank you very much for your help.

As it’s been said that is for windows it isn’t supported for Linux end of. It’s not up to Roon it’s up to Goldnote to get their device better support on Linux.

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Is this device Roon Tested or Roon Ready? Worth checking.


Then the only option is to feed it USB from a Windows PC. Even the bridging solutions which might work via its Ethernet input wouldn’t do DSD512.

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