Using your phone with Roon and a Nexdock

Ok I will be first to admit this is a niche use case but I wanted to confirm that using Roon with a Huawei Mate20X phone connected to a Nexdock Touch Lapdock works brilliant with Roon. The touchscreen works perfect and opening Roon on the Nexdock (from the phone app) gives a full tablet experience on the 14.1 inch display. I have enclosed a photo of the phone connected to the Nexdock Touch to show how Roon displays.

Of course there are cheaper options, laptops that cost the same as a Nexdock etc., I’ve got tablets and laptops already. I also have the Nexdock and I just wanted to show its a fun experience. This does NOT work for iOS devices. Nexdock is compatible with many different devices that have a desktop mode but I’ve only tested it one Huawei (I’m sure Samsung also works fine too). The nexdock basically turns your phone or Raspberry Pi etc. into a laptop experience.