V1.8 iOS App Regression?

Hello there

I’m a bit surprised by some choices on the new version of the iOS app.

  1. The little heart is hidden. I listened to all my library once and I tap on the little heart on songs I like. Once I listened to the whole library I created 2 bookmarks: TOP 50 & All favourites. Then when I add an album, I use the same approach. Now I have to use 2 taps to perform something I could do in one. I can live with that, I’m not that lazy but we can all admit the heart feature was better in 1.7

  2. When I look in the signal path the info bubbles are truncated by the screen on my iPhone 11 Pro. I don’t remember having this issue on 1.7. It’s a minor issue but that doesn’t deliver on the “ultimate interface” as stating on Roon marketing website.

  3. I am an heavy user of Bookmarks. They are now hidden in the hamburger menu. I don’t remember having it hidden in 1.7 but was directly accessible.

  4. When I listen to Parts and show them, the list takes the whole screen. I can’t come back unless I tap just under the end of the list.

  5. Separating queue & now playing is puzzling. I honestly don’t remember how it was in 1.7 but I don’t remember that being an issue.

I’d like to understand what was the drivers behind these choices. Am I not using properly the software as attended?

I understand there are time/resources considerations but wouldn’t it be a better promise on delivering if the app was natively supported and natively developed for iOS? Even paid one.

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No one noticed these issues?

Nope. Not even one.

Yea, I use the bookmarks a lot, as smart playlists. And I could not find them. Until I discovered them in the hamburger menu.