V1.8 UI and 21:9 Wide Screens

Hi there!

Just upgraded to v1.8 and initial reaction is, it looks great! Thanks for all the effort that has gone into it.
Well, while it looks great on some of my devices, on the main remote I use on a widescreen monitor (3440x1440), v1.8 does not look as steller as it does on others.

It feels like the UI elements need to stretch a bit to have a more consistent ratio/look across other devices. In current iteration there’s just so much space wasted that can be utiised w/ larger UI elements.

Would you consider some improvements to this with the upcoming releases? I think even just a 30-50% larger/wider UI elements would go a long way.

Some screenshots of current state below:




3440x1440 here.

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Haha, thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: 3440x1440 here too!