Valence and zones

Zones, of course, allow for different songs to be played at the same time on different devices from the same system/library.

So if another person is primarily using a second zone, while I primarily use the first, which zone’s playback is Valence paying attention to in its learning? Both equally?

I’m guessing but Valence would likely be tied to your Roon login account. So whatever is played…even across multiple licensed core accounts perhaps

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While I also don’t know it for sure, it is very unlikely that Valence takes zones into account. It’s much more likely that it uses Profiles (which have their own playback history). Or as wizardofoz mentioned, it’s the Roon account that matters.


According to the Valence info page, it does seem that it tracks the play history of Profiles:

Valence generates a private model, stored in each user’s profile, which documents the facets of the user’s taste based on their library and listening history. Recommendations are weighted taking this taste profile into account.


Thanks. It’s all from the same profile. Maybe I can teach her to use Roon. Right now it’s a radio station (actual FM transmitter) that I use to program music she likes