Valence Art Director Internal Image Integration

I noticed that you have to upload images through the Valence website. Most of the images I have of different artists were uploaded to Roon and deleted. Most people assumingly do not store the images on their computers after they have uploaded them to Roon locally. Can there be a function to upload the existing images you have (within Roon) to the Roon Valence website so that it makes it much easier for the Roon community to highlight artists in the best possible manner?

Also, many of the images I have, for instance, are not on the internet anymore, and finding some of these best images again is especially difficult. The way Roon stores the original images within the application is complicated to have to manually find the images again.


My general advice is, do not delete anything.
Whatever it is.
For whatever reason.
Storage is free.

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So you are telling me hard drive storage is free :joy:


I think something like that would be convenient regardless of whether you still have the images or not

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I do.

In 2017 I did this calculation:

Since 2017 hard drive cost has halved and real estate cost has increased by 60%.

If an image is lost and it takes ten minutes to locate it on the internet, at minimum wage that’s a couple of bucks, and I don’t think many of us work at minimum wage.

You’re right. I don’t find it particularly amusing that some of the artist pictures I had edited myself were simply replaced by others.

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Most of the images I cannot find on the internet and that is not the point. I am not wasting storage space to save duplicate individual artist images for Roon and to be quite frank about it, this is a complete waste of my time to relocate everything.