Valence Trusted Volunteers

Given the amount of time it takes to get images submitted through Valence, it would be nice if there could be trusted volunteers who could also help out with the pending status of images and their visual updates.

I, of course, vote for myself :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 23 pending upload images and have made 7326 image adjustments :smiley:

I believe this is on the cards, @danny mentioned something a few weeks back. I’d volunteer myself too, but perhaps special Ninja skills are required?

EDIT - Here it is:

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I’m not sure who I should contact directly about this. I sent DMs on FB and through the board here. I’ve now clocked up quite the stats :smiley:

I think they contact you, you get “invited” :wink:

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Ah… I shall keep at it, then. Prove myself :smiley:

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