Valley of "audiophile" ethernet cables

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This may have already been answered, but have you, or others tried the AQXOZ switch - any good?

It’s a souped up GS108 as far as I know.


Purchase the UpTone upcomming Ethernet switch.

It’s designed by John Swenson.

Should be available some time later this year.


Or just ignore all the guff and enjoy the music. I have changed switches, cables, wireless, to EoP back to wireless to ethernet. Sounds the bloody same. Stop paying the pied Piper.

(David Liguori) #532

Just make sure you hook to the right prong :slight_smile:

(Chris ) #533

Go to a live gig and see what cables we use lol…

We have some lovely 10 Meter Xlr cables we used from the Rapid electronics bargain bucket. £12.00 each. We have never had a guest suggest Uber priced cables would make a difference lol

(David Liguori) #534

In principle one could argue that the sound of your cables is just part of the sound of your music, like a distortion box. Not that I do, but in principle one could.

For my hi fi rig I make my own balanced cables out of Belden mic cable and Switchcraft plugs. When I’m gone they will probably end up in someone’s bargain bucket and you’ll probably buy them.

(Chris ) #535

Yes, I take your point and you are probably correct that it all contributes to our sound. For Hi Fi purposes I consider well engineered cable in the manner you describe is the perfect solution.
It is well engineered cables that we use, and we love it when we find them cheaply…



Any one try gigabit switch “for network audio”? Are these better than normal 20-30$ unmanaged gigabit switch?

Thank you.

(Jeremy) #537

Best wire is Star Quad. Canare L-4E6S or Belden 1192A are both good.

Here is a demo

I only use XLR for serious stereo listening.


If this model Buffalo switch is managed and you are unfamiliar with managed switches, then I would advise against it. So many people don’t set them up correctly and end up with perplexing problems that have to be addressed by support on this forum. A home network probably derives no benefit from a managed switch.

IMHO, these audiophile switches, like AQVOX, etc., are a pure ripoff that preys on one’s paranoia that they might not have the best experience. You know fear and greed drives other things besides the stock market.

My network is a TP-Link unmanaged switch and four $30 daisy chained switches. No complaints.

It occurs to me to add that, many people counsel upgraded power supplies to improve network switches.
Of all the customization options you could indulge in, this is probably an effective and relatively inexpensive upgrade.


I’m using TP-LINK TL-SG1008D 9 Volt unmanaged switch with HDPLEX 200W LPS, very stable and the sound is good. Thank you for your information.

(David Liguori) #541

So, my understanding of a “star quad” configuration is four wires in which one of each adjacent wires feeds the high and low, and the opposite for the other two. The video isn’t clear about this, from what I watched.

About half way through I quit and would have said “the defence stipulates” if I were arguing with the guy, which I’m not. No point in showing the interference caused by more devices. Was there something else worth seeing?

The main takeaway is, this is real physics, not physics that, as physicist Wolfgang Pauli once put it, is not only not right but not even wrong.

My power amp is located between the speakers (no monoblocks yet–coming) which I feed with about 10 feet per channel of balanced cable. Balanced is definitely the way to go here. I don’t know as I’d bother to switch, though, for non serious listening :slight_smile:


Passive speaker inputs are not balanced. So how do you use “balanced” speaker cable?

(David Liguori) #543

Balanced cables from preamp, located in equipment rack, to power amp, located near speakers. Sorry I wasn’t clear.

(David Liguori) #544

(my bad, I see now that it wasn’t)

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I love this. I’m going to use this in all heated debates :grin:

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Still pulling punches, Slim?

(Rob Kraanen) #547

I was a bit skeptical about changing my ethernet cables (I thought it’s one’s and zeros what can be different). The ethernet cable made by ‘love cable’ changed my mind and is definitely an upgrade. I love it.

I bought all my cables from ‘love cable’ and I am not searching for better anymore. Every time I went to shows or listening session I only got the confirmation I am so extremely happy with what I have. I wish I bought this set years ago.

So in my opinion there is no need for discussions about cables.

Simply listen… like it? … want to pay the price?.. buy it. If not, don’t.

It’s a discussion nobody wins as the people who do or do not think it is worth it, are both right.


Pardon my ignorance, but what is “love Cable”? Thanks

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