Variations on the Web Display

It would be cool if we had the following display options:

  1. Album cover on whole screen
  2. Lyrics on whole screen
  3. “Classic” display - the way everything displays right now.

Notice, I didn’t mention the option of artist image on the whole screen. The artist images are usually not relevant to the album. I don’t want to see a 21 year old Neil Young while listening to his 2019 material.

It seems possible to edit the html, but I don’t feel like it. It would be cool to just have a few options to consider in Settings.

I dont want to see a 70 year old artist while listening to his/her 60’s releases either.

A friendly amendment to the OP request: offer different styles of layouts, particularly one that is appropriate for classical music.

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I bet they’re working on something similar to this, just guessing though.

It would be really cool to pick large album art, no artist photo, larger font, etc. The default view on a large TV isn’t appealing to me. Being able to change the layout would be sweet.

For now I don’t mind editing the html:

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I think we did have that. It was removed a few releases ago when the new Now Playing screen arrived. Apparently it was little used, but I used to use it. Always nice to be given the choice though.

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