Various Artists, Artist View and 1.8

“Various Artists” albums show up in Album View but not Artist View (now shows no albums)

What has this to do with version 1.8?

Various Artists (VA) is not a valid artist, so there is no entry for it in the artists browser. If you have an artist in the artists browser that also appears on a VA album, the VA album should be listed in the artists details though.

Artists without some sort of main album (only appear on VA albums) don’t show in artist’s browser.

VA is listed in the Artists browser (always has been in my setup). Albums in library that used to show up in the VA grouping in the Artists browser no longer do. This was not the case prior to 1.8, which is an improvement in many other respects.

If it was there before and now no longer is, then it is very likely related to the attached issue of artist appearances vanishing from the library, introduced with version 778. Many people suffer from it. Whether that Artist is called „Various“ or „John Doe“ doesnt matter for this issue. Its a known bug. Roon said they are working to fix it.

The recent update did not fix this issue. No “Various Artists” albums appear in artist view, only in album view. Was not the case before.

I am suffering from the same problem. No album showing. But if I click on the 3 dots and select “view albums in library” all of the albums appear.