"Various Artists" as an Artist in Artist Browser

Could the Artist browser (which is after all the AlbumArtist browser) please include Compilations/Various Artists albums? Currently I have to go to Albums, sort on artist (not my preferred) and then scroll to V. Would be much better to be able to go directly via the artist browser.


Another way to get to “Various Artists” would be a search - and then a Bookmark for the search result. Saves some scrolling (if you don’t have too many bookmarks already).

Are you sure this is possible? When I search for Various Artists, I only see a hit listed under Tidal Artists, nothing for Library Artists

Tried it before posting :wink: … but I’ve no Tidal, maybe it behaves differently.

Update: it should also be possible to > Focus on > Performers > “Various Artists” and save that as a bookmark.

You can select them all in album view and give them a tag!

… but using a search or better > focus will “auto-update”. Tags have to be maintained.

Strange. This is what I see:

true, but in the meantime i use this ‘solution’. But I hardly buy compilations anymore.

I’m searching for albums = from an album view, not for artists/from the artist view - maybe that’s why. But as I said - no clue what happens when Tidal comes into play.

So you are using the funnel icon to filter? Do I have that right?

… via the Search Icon; Filter does give fewer results.

Ok, I was doing the same thing. And you get an “artist” called Various Artists listed under Library Artists?

My search results are “Albums” - not artists. Like this:

Unluckily, you can only bookmark this result, not the expanded one you get with “View All”.

I (now) think “Focus” on Performer is the better option anyway.

I noticed this too.

There are always ways round things like this. But it doesn’t answer the question, why is it when the Artist browser is based on Album Artist tags, it ignores “Various Artists”.
You can focus on performer, but it’s an extra step that shouldn’t be required. Same for track artists - they are missing from all views other than the track browser, and if they are only secondary/guests they aren’t browsable (there is another thread on that)

No - it doesn’t. That’s up to roon …

It was meant just as a possible workaround until things get better for your use case.

In the Artist search there simply needs to be a link added called VA or whatever is decided along with the A-Z links enabling a simple click to view, this really doesnt appear that hard to do, but would make the user experience a lot more palatable.

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