Various artists multi CD collection treats each artist as LP

So I’ve been merrily re ripping my CDs (my old directory format didn’t work well with Roon). Usually a multi disc compilation works out fine:

Soul comp
Soul comp, Disc 2
Soul comp, Disc 3

Sometimes I have to edit the folder title (as above - I’d need to append “, Disc 1”) to get all the discs in a collection under one LP display.

Last night I added my 4 Disc Stax Story collection, 3 of the discs loaded fine - all artists arranged in their respective discs - and were all nicely nested. I couldn’t find the fourth until I realised it had been given a totally wrong title so I simply renamed it manually, expecting Roon to rescan and organise them.

Today I open Roon and all the artists are being treated as if they are in their own LP called Stax Story e.g. Stax Story, Carla Thomas and under her entry each disc she features on, but only her tracks. Same with all the other artist on the CDs.

Short of deleting the folders and starting again is there a way to reagregegate the collection?

I think you have adopted a folder naming convention that Roon doesn’t like. See this article.

What I do for multi-disc compilation albums is use the naming convention like this:

Boxset folder is named: /Soul Comp/

Then create additional folders under it for each CD in the boxset:

Cheers Geoff,

That article seems to give a body swerve to the topic of multiple disc compilations. Odd that having successfully added numerous multi disc, multi artist LPs already that Roon choked on the Stax set.

Anyhow thanks for the assistance, it helped me track down what I needed to do to fix my atomised Stax selection - which was mercifully quick and easy to do:

Hello @Pezzab, glad you got some assistance here! Please let us know if you have any further questions.