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Hey @Frank_DeMello – sorry for all the confusion here.

Can I ask why you’re hiding albums? If you don’t want TIDAL content in your library, I would recommend just deleting it from your library entirely. The instructions posted above may help.

The hide feature will work for TIDAL content, but it wasn’t really designed to be used how you’re using it. The hide function was designed for a different purpose entirely, like for example test tones used for audio calibration that you have on your hard drive and don’t want to delete, but which you don’t want showing up as you’re browsing your collection.

There’s really no good reason to hide TIDAL albums – if you don’t want them in your library, just delete them. (note: when you’re deleting content be careful – TIDAL tracks are removed from your library, but actual files are deleted from your hard drive).[quote=“Frank_DeMello, post:1, topic:24069”]
4 Favorites - it is extremely buggy. Most often when I try to favorite a song when I am playing it (which is when you would want to favorite), it does nothing. This applies to my library & Tidal

Note that the favorites feature is for marking tracks, albums, artists, etc in your library that you love.

The Favorite button is available in all the various browsers (album, artist, track, etc), so it’s easy to filter your collection down to just your favorites. Just keep in mind that because this feature is about your favorites in your library, you won’t be able to mark something as a favorite if it’s not part of your library (like Internet Radio, or music from TIDAL you haven’t added to your library yet).

Hello Daniel
Show Hidden Albums - that makes things a bit clearer. Not sure it gives me what I’m looking for.
Hid/Unhide - I will have to test this a bit. Sure seems like it isn’t working for me but I want to be sure I’m not doing soemthing wrong. Is there a way to veiw manually hidden content vs system hidden?

Definitely confusing on how it works

Hi Mike,
I possibly don’t understand how the Tidal integration works. Are you saying when you turn on Tidal it downloads content to where your music is stored? In your current folder structure?

I have a pretty large library/25k songs but like the breath of content (especially for friends/family) that Tidal adds. However there are some artists we do not want in the library. For example it brought down Abba/Frank Sinatra which we have no interest in.

So based on what you are saying I should just be deleting any Tidal content I’m not inetested in (and it will not come back). RIght?

Thank you

The Roon database is populated by Tidal albums in two ways:

Hope this helps.

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Nothing from TIDAL is added automatically, although there is an option during the initial setup where you can choose some genres and click Add Albums To My Library:

You can completely remove these albums from your library using the instructions here.

One of the big goals of Roon is stay focused on the music, not where it’s stored. TIDAL content is always going to stream from their servers, but when you add the music to your library, it will appear in Roon right alongside your files as you browse and grown your collection.

So when you look at Miles Davis, you might see Kind Of Blue (a high res FLAC copy stored on your hard drive) right next to Blue Moods (which will stream from TIDAL)_.

They’ll both play lossless, and because they’re both in your library, Roon will know that you like Miles and Bill Evans, who plays piano on both recordings.[quote=“Frank_DeMello, post:28, topic:24069”]
So based on what you are saying I should just be deleting any Tidal content I’m not inetested in (and it will not come back). RIght?

Yup, exactly.

Hi Carl - I did add the Tidal collections. I’ll consider removing. Thank you

Thanks Mike. I think I get it the Tidal integration now thanks to everyone’s comments.

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