Various syncing Problems with Qobuz

Macbook pro 16" Late 19 - Roon 1.8(764)
Hi i have several sycing issues with Qobuz.

First of all my “new releases for you” section is stuck at 12th of february

Then some albums appearing in Qobuz App are not displayed in Roon.
As an example, this is Qobuz latest albums as shown in their native app:

I picked Nick Cave Album, CARNAGE, as favorite as you can see here:

And for the purposes of showing this issues i created a playlist too:

Now going to Roon, in the “new releases” page of the Qobuz section Nick Cave’s CARNAGE album is missing:

And even if i can see my created CARNAGE playlist
The playlist is empty:

Is there a way to fix this very annoying issue?

Ok… I thought this was just me. Same issue, unable to add Nick & Warrens new album to Roon from Qobuz. I’ve logged out, rebooted and logged back into to everything imaginable.

There’s definitely something amiss. The Nick Cave album has been released earlier than planned which can be an issue apparently. That aside, I have no new Qobuz releases since Feb 5th and purchasing CARNAGE hasn’t meant my Qobuz liked version of it has appeared.

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I have the same problem with the album “Live at Molde Jazz, Egil Kapstad”.

Visible and available in Qobuz but inexistant in Roon.

@Mario_Rinaldi1 : Let me know if you find a solution.

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