Vault 2i opinions

I am debating purchasing the Vault 2i as I am looking for an easy way to rip my cds and sacds along with having a streamer. I have seen very little info on this item, only the node 2.

I am wondering how well it works, how easy it is to manipulate the data to properly reflect box sets, and if this transfers into roon.

Thank you

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I have a Vault, from the first generation. I don’t think theres any functional differences when it comes to ripping. It seem to rip with high quality, and mostly identifies the correct metadata.

My unit takes a while to finish rip and FLAC conversion, lets say that the rip part takes 5-7minutes in average. Then you can insert another CD, but the first one is still being converted from WAV to FLAC, which takes another 10minutes or so.
However, it wont rip SACDs, only their RedBook content. Which really doesn’t matter as Bluesound units wont play back DSF/DFF files anyways…

I still manicure their metadata and relocate my files on the Vault storage before requesting a Reindex though. Roon usually identifies albums just fine but box sets is a mess, both in Bluesound and Roon. Prepare yourself for hard labour! One of the things i disagree with, concerning the rips, is that Bluesound does not set AlbumArtist. Since i use other playback solutions, most of them sort on that tag. And i also use that tag for creating artist-folders when converting to, say, AAC/M4A for portable players.

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Wow! Thank you so much for getting back to me. I had no idea they could not rip SACD. That is a bummer. If you don’t mind, what is the red book content? Am I left with just CD quality or hi res?

Box sets are a big deal and keeping them organized. I was thinking the vault 2i would do the work for me. I’m guessing it’s better to use iTunes with bit perfect or some other system with an external hard drive/NAS?

SACDs are mostly of the “hybrid” variety, where you can play back the CD layer in any CD compatible reader/player, such as the Bluesound Vaults ripping function. In a SACD player you can read the bitstream SACD layer though, for playing back DSD64 (64times the sample rate of CD, but a fraction of the resolution, 1bit compared to 16bits for CD) However, since Sony set the standard for SACD playback there has always been a problem for those of us who want to backup or simply play back the content of our discs as files.
Me, i use an old Playstation 3 with the original firmware and the program SACD Ripper, that creates ISO (disc images) of SACDs. However, with an Oppo BDP103/105 or Pioneer Bluray BDP LX-58/88 you can also rip the SACD layer to files nowadays. Google and you shall find! :wink:

I’m not sure i get what you are asking in your second paragraph? I doubt iTunes would do a better job with box sets than Roon, but it’s mostly down to the metadata providers, such as Gd3, MusicBrainz etz…
And those build on user contributions so basically we are ones to blame! :smiley:

Thanks for you input. Sorry for confusing paragraph. I was thinking that roon would have an easier time taking the data from iTunes to create box sets in roon. This is all real new to me so I do not want to blow a bunch of money and do it wrong😳

I will not be purchasing the vault 2i. I will be doing the roon rock and a usb external drive. That seems to be the way to go. You have a big help.

I do have an Oppo BDP-103. I was unaware it could rip. I’ll have to look more into that.


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Red book refers to one of a number of references for CD audio standards. The standard specifies 2-channel, 16-bit linear PCM, sampled at 44.1 kHz. CD-quality and red book are used more or less interchangeably on many audio forums, though there are multiple kinds of CDs and the red book label reduces ambiguity about bit depth and sample rate. Cheers!

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What are the differences between the vault 2 and the 2i?

Todd, I think it plays airplay and maybe an upgraded day. I am not totally sure

Mikael, what are the positives and negative of the vault 2i?

I am about to go check it out and see how it sounds and works, but I have to drive some distance.

Is changing the data on box sets or CDs a pain in the butt?

Are you pleased with your purchase?


Hi John,
I can only speculate, as i have merely tried a Vault 2 at hime previously, besides the Vault 1 im currently using.
Seamless source switching, completely stable.
Lots of options for use, my wife uses the BluOS app for playback as it is more straight forward than Roon. Great function such as Internet Radio and many music services available.
Sounds good for the money, even with it’s analog outs.
MQA decoding on the fly, if that floats your boat.

The Vault 2 i had was very noisy, mechanically… :frowning: (a bit like the laptops of old, they create a mechanical noise when the hard drive is working, a knittery sound)
The Vault 1 sounds better, maybe due to it doesnt have WLAN or Blutooth, and no switching PSU inside. (It is kinda slow though)
Not enough harddrive size for my collection.

The 2 generation however adds some useful functions such as headphone outlet, optical and analog inputs, remote control option etc.

Regarding the ripping function i would be content with BluOS capabilities if i only ran Roon as an additional playback software. You will still most likely have to manually edit your box sets in Roon though, whether they are ideally tagged or not. :frowning: Thats not to blame the Bluesound though.

Hope this was helpful, and hope you enjoy your sampling of the Vault!

Thank you. I am still on the fence after checking it out today.

Hello - Considering purchasing a Vault2i to replace my bedroom Node2 which seems to have died… quick question are you able to configure the destination folder for ripping? In other words, can the Vault2i rip to my Roon library or does it always rip to its own hard drive, which you then add to Roon as a music source? Thanks

It’s been a while since i had a Vault2, but i think they behave the same as my two original Vaults. That is, they will always rip to the internal drives top folder.

Are you using the Vault as a NAS for Roon today? Imo it’s less than ideal as the Vaults are very slow to read from and write to over the network. Besides, playing music to a Vault which also acts as storage for your Roon Core would strain the capabilities i belive.

If you are seeking ripping capability, you are aware that a Roon ROCK/Nucleus actually rips to defined storage automatically since 1.7? (using an external USB Optical drive)
It is a compromised solution as it for some obscure reason does not name tracks and folders accordingly (just with rip time, date and track numbering)