Version 1.5 update on NAS when will be it available ? [Answered - Immediately]

Hi, I realise 1.5 was only released today, and the Synology / QNAP builds are a collaboration rather than direct from Roon from what I have read, but 1.5 is very important to anyone with Linn equipment due to the addition of ‘SongCast Direct’ that for the first time allows Roon to connect directly to any DS / DSM.

So my (very premature) question is will the NAS builds be updated to 1.5, and if so can I dare ask if there is any ideas as to when?

Sorry, I just had to ask!!

My Synology Core install updated to 1.5 last night.

You might try rebooting your NAS. Often works.

Roon Server on NAS will update just like any other Roon Server software.
There is actually no specific NAS build of Roon Server. It is the regular linux installation which is downloaded by the NAS package.
Don’t look for the update in the App Center / Package Center. Check the “About” screen from a Roon Remote. This should trigger a “Check for (Roon) updates…”-process, like on any other platform.


Ooops, so sorry - that’s awesome. I’m a newb to this as been waiting on the Linn support to arrive before playing with something i probably won’t be able to live without !! :anguished: Thank You

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