Version 918 feedback

Not the place to notify an issue…better open a #support thread


To be fair ‘918 broke my Roon’ is feedback…


Smooth sailing so far.

I notice this morning roon sometimes skip tracks. Bad internet?

yes but post here will not get you support - if its broke you need support

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Sad to see After lockscreen loosing position in playlists on iOS still being not addressed.
Playlists are still an area of Roon needing some work.

Agreed, but your comment made it sound like a request for ‘good news only please’. Many responses here could easily end up as Support requests depending upon severity.


I never said that…come on we have all been around long enough to know that broken roon is not just a feedback thing. User has been around 6 years and only one post today.

I’m all for feedback but posting youv’e got an issue and then silence is not helping yourself or roon.

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I can confirm that it seems the issue with album and track splitting when adding new albums is solved.


The upgrade to build 918 went very smoothly for me with no issues so far.

Last night, it even appeared that build 918 may have resolved my longstanding ‘missing metadata on the now-playing screen’ issue. This would be a huge positive for me, and if this is the case then I would assume that the ‘DNS Request Caching’ changes in this build have had something to do with the fix.

However, I have had quite a few false dawns with this issue in the past and so I will continue to test today using Roon Radio.

The new build also appears to have (for me at least) significantly reduced the time it takes for the ‘Home’, ‘Tidal’ and ‘Qobuz’ pages to load. On the Tidal page, I would occasionally have to reload the page to get it to display fully. Haven’t experienced that with build 918 so far.

So in summary, for me this build has ticked all the boxes so far. I hope that most of the rest of you will have similar experiences!

For info: I run Roon Rock on an Intel NUC 8i5, and use the Roon control app on a Windows 10 PC as my major control for Roon. I have yet to fully test my iPad equivalent.


But support are fast asleep in bed , and once again a Roon release breaks things.
Mine can’t see any devises again, non of my radio stations work.

My feedback is for what is supposed to be a premium service it’s poor and support will just be overwhelmed by a poor ticket structure.

The last thing i want to do in the morning is jump out of bed to start rebooting my core and trying to fix Roon.

Rant over.
Back to Sonos and Tidal Connect that just work and are free.

I am not saying feedback is not appropriate but that without a support ticket you are only giving feedback.

Freakishly improved SQ with 918. It’s an unbelievably clear soundstage.
All instruments separated on a whole new level never heard it that good before.
Kilos of grunty bass power - how can software be that good?
Everything with 918 defines a new age of sound. So glad to have updated.

However - decent. Thx


Already first of April? :wink:

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Bit early but wanted to be the first :slight_smile:


I can hear colours now.


Happened once but Roon wasn’t the reason :wink:


I’m a bit curious about the release plan ahead?
For me, there have been a lot of releases with low or no impact at all on my Roon setup. Of course i understand that one with issues are eager to get them solved, but the question remains a philosophical one; Do Roon need to lighten the support load by withdrawing support for devices, software versions and network configurations?
I am not even slightly interested in forced weekly patching with no apparent improvement to my purchased product. (I have Windows for that! Just kidding! They are less disruptive than Roon at this time)

Out of curiosity, does anyone know what the “Implementation of a new DNS lookup and caching mechanism” refers to in the rather scanty detail in the release notes? My charitable guess is that the DNS client package has been updated.

My less charitable guess is that Rock is now using external internet based DNS servers rather than whatever DNS resolution services you have put together for your home network.

If I get a moment, I’ll check my Pihole appliance and see if Rock is still using it for DNS lookups.

I don’t know what this change has involved.

But, however it has been implemented it certainly appears to have resolved my longstanding ‘missing metadata’ issue on the ‘Now playing’ screen when running Roon Radio. I’m very happy with the change, however it has been implemented!

Not a single instance of missing metadata so far since I implemented the new build yesterday evening.