Very Complicated

I love roon and I intend to keep it
I’m having big problems with the Metadata

example - 2 artists - exactly the Same - Windjammer - one has 2 albums , on has 1 Album,
what making there be 2 different artists ?

example - Wally Jump junior has on album - no title, just track lists - the option to make the album title is not there / Sometimes the identify button is there, sometimes its not - I need to understand why

any help or advice would be great

Hi Ray,

Regarding the two artists, that should be one: you can merge several artists into one. Do so in artist view by selecting the ones you want to merge via right clicking both (or long tapping/ holding on a touch device). Then the option to merge will show up. Then select the one that has the better / more correct meta data.

„Identify Album“ on the album view is only there, if the album has not been identified yet. On all other albums you can edit the meta data via the three dots before the heart and select „Edit“. There you can re-identify any album and also change e.g. the title on the „Edit Album“ tab.

Hope that helps.

Hi Phillipp

Many thanks - Merged Artists - Job done - simple when you know how

On the other issue there is no edit for Album - only the Artist editor is ever there



Good that the merge worked out. Yes, as with any software, it needs to be learned, and few of these deeper functions are intuitive.

Regarding the open issue: Are you looking at the artist or the album page?
And - important - the “Edit” is only available, when the album is added to your library.

Thanks again - the Album is added - that’s how I see it in roon…or is it ?

Not sure I understand it correctly.

In Roon you see all your local files and all content from connected services (Tidal and/or Qobuz). But you still need to manually add Tidal / Qobuz albums or tracks to your library to e.g. change meta data.

Example: The album below was recommended to me by Roon. It was not in my library. After adding it, I can heart the albums or songs, rate the album, edit the meta data or apply my own tags to it.

Does that clarify things?