Video Game Consoles (It's a must!)

Most modern consoles are powerful enough to run Roon as remote.

It would be crazy not to support Nintendo, Microsoft, Steam and Sony. What are the chances of making it through the gauntlet of app approval for these consoles?


Especially on Xbox one with it’s media abilities and strong (STABLE) network. It would be nice to see a partnership with Xbox Music, as it’s already built into Xbox, Windows 8, and the upcoming Windows 10 release.

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@Physh360, I forgot that Microsoft, like Apple, has their own streaming service. Sony gave up on their “Music Unlimited” and partnered with Spotify. I can see it now, “Xbox, launch Roon, play Rush.”

At any rate, I can see why Roon has to choose their steps carefully. Still, in the eye of the consumer - me- the win would be to support as many streaming services as possible.

However, I think the Tidal and Roon matchup is great.

What happens if Tidal and Roon merge or is bid & purchased by Jay-Z/Tidal?

Would that be an obstacle for consoles?

Xbox Music is far from perfect. I run into issues with what can be streamed and what can’t, it gets annoying.

You must have extensive experience. What I saw was a solid product.

Still, Tidal, Spotify, and the coming Apple Music have imperfection too. After all it involves computers. :stuck_out_tongue:

If tidal purchased Roon I’d be out. All the issues I experience with Xbox music are mostly on my phones. I’d really like to import my entire catalog of CDs and get last fm back to what it was before cbs sided with sopa and cispa. I found so much new and interesting music there. Woulda, coulda, shoulda… I’m going to focus on restoring my own music library and using my streaming services as background music for the moment. I can see screenshots and little hand written reminders in my future!

PS4 support would be great

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Well Roon + Tidal has suggested albums, so you may not need Last.FM. However, just go to the Last.FM recommendation page on your profile and it’s easy to see what you need to add to your Roon + Tidal Library.

Even if you were an early adopter for, say Google Play Music-and got the special $7.99/mo rate, the $9.99/mo for Tidal combined to it’s integration with Roon makes most other streaming services a non started for me. That is until Roon works up the relationships to have more than one streaming service.

Spotify + Playstation is legit too. Add Roon + Spotify + Playstation 3 and 4- hands down a winner. (and hopefully money for everyone who provides this.)

Does anyone disagree to the fact that video game consoles such as the PS4, Xbox One, Wii U or AppleTV 4 could be Roon Ready endpoints?

I’m going for permeation; I know there are better hardware solutions.

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Hmm. The x box one and ps4 probably from a technical pov. Would they allow it from a practical standpoint, doubtful.

Everyone has their ecosystem; where hardware creators want to get as much money as they can from consumers. We would all be naive if any business excuted on love alone.

The software group who developed a similar app to Roon that goes by the name of PLEX has managed to get onto almost every device. They even got on to the AppleTV!

By that logic, it’s possible. One of the ways that we could see a future in this area of Roon development is, as customers, ask for these capabilities. We can only hope that Hardware developers and Roon stands to earn more market share in the music playing segment. Fingers crossed. :smile:

I agree the more Roon grows the better.

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If any of their manufacturers came to us intending to implement our streaming tech + become RoonReady certified, we would be very happy. It’s hard to imagine that it would not be technically feasible under these circumstances.

Whether or not we could support that via their existing app development mechanisms and without their cooperation is less certain. RAAT is meant to be long-running and discoverable all the time, just like AirPlay service running on an AppleTV. Most locked-down platforms are not friendly to letting 3rd parties install their own long-running background infrastructure like that. That said there’s probably something that could be done on at least some of the platforms.

Disclaimer: I know nearly nothing about the console world. I haven’t used one in well over a decade, and have not investigated the process of developing for them, which I would imagine has evolved considerably since I last stuck a CD-ROM into a PS1.

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