Video output from Roon Bridge?


Does Roon have plans to update Roon Bridge so it can output the same screen as currently showing on the Core, when it is controlling that zone?


I doubt it, as the RoonBridge is a light weight implementation of RAAT.
To do what you want I think you would have to install Roon Remote (on Windows or OSX) which has a GUI.

Ok thanks Carl, just installed Roon on the NUC as a remote and working fine !


Actually this setup is not doing what I want. When the connection to the display is lost on the NUC Roon defaults back to the overview screen, I actually want it to show the now playing screen by default as it’s showing on my TV :

I guess there is no way to set the above view as the default ?


Hi again,
I don’t know what Roon’s behaviour is when the screen connection is lost and I’m not able to test it right now.
One for @support to comment on.

@support if you could advise on the above it would be much appreciated

Also as I now have Roon Remote on the NUC can I uninstall Roon Bridge from it ?


@vova can I get some help please


Hey @Jaap74 – sorry for the slow response here.

Can you clarify whether you’re routing audio via the TV, or if you’re just using the interface as a sort of “screensaver” for content playing elsewhere?

Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting back to me. Core is on my main PC, the NUC is basically being used to route music and the screensaver to my Oppo then into the AVR. Even if Roon remote on the NUC is never turned off it goes away from the now playing screen when the Oppo is turned off.

I guess this makes sense as nothing is playing but if I could get that NUC remote to default to Now Playing screen it would save me having to remote into the headless NUC to change screen.

BTW it looks fantastic on a 75 inch UDH screen !!


Understood @Jaap74 – I understand what you’re looking for, and a real “screensaver” mode (or app) is probably what’s needed here.

Making the now playing screen “sticky” in the way that you’re looking for is tricky and could have some unintended consequences, but we definitely want the big screen now playing experience too. Feel free to open a feature request thread with the exact details of what you’re looking for, but know that this experience is something we are thinking about and hope to implement in the future.

Ok I will do and shall reference this thread