View albums by my rating

hi guys,

Could you just tell my how to view all albums that I gave a particular rating to?

So for example, I’d like to view all albums I rated as 4 1/2 stars… any idea?


In the Album browser, Focus, in the lower left is the Rating button.

The rating button is divided by 1+, 2+, 3+, 4+, and 5+. So the 4+ option will also contain all the albums with 5 star ratings. The 3+ button will also contain all the 4 and 5 starred albums.

Were you particularly asking about your ratings? I.e separate from the editorial ones? If so, I fear the answer is no. The focus works on ratings independent of whether they are editorial or yours.

EDIT. I see another pertinent thread has started.
Focus on album user ratings only

In the event of both, whom does it favour?

Hmm. It seems that a user rating overides an editorial one. I didn’t know that.

yeah… I’m not so interested in the editorial ratings tbh… in fact, I have mixed feelings about having them at all, or at least so visible.

I wanted to use my own ratings as a way to prune my library a little initially. Then I’d like to use them as a guide when I’m shopping for vinyl, as I’d like to have my favourite albums in that format too.

Hmmmm… its really a feature that should be available.

You can create tags and apply them, like “5 Star”, “4 Star”, etc.

the thing is that I’ve already rated a couple of hundred albums, and to duplicate the ratings into tags is not really satisfactory.

To have two sets of ratings and only one of them to be searchable is an unfortunate oversight really, and it can’t be that difficult to implement, given that the functionality already exists for editorial ratings.

Not quite;, a rating is a rating, whether user or editorial. It appears that Roon simply does not distinguish. Its focus will indeed use user ratings, it’s just that it will be confounded with editorial ones.

Exactly. The ratings focus will use whatever ratings exist whether the default editorial or what you have put in. So if you have rated an album 5 stars it will be included in the 5+ Stars Focus, as will all the editorial 5 stars.

You might add your use case to this Feature Request thread

ok, use case added as suggested… many thanks for the suggestions guys :slight_smile: