'View All' album release date info

I’m not sure why when one goes from the a single line of album views (say under the Artist Page ‘Main Albums’) and then click ‘View All,’ the date of release listed under the album previously goes away. Really helpful if say, for example, one is trying to only find the seventies titles of Tangerine Dream albums but want the ‘View All’ full page view and not just the one line scroll view.

It’s these little inconsistencies all over the place from screen to screen and view to view that leads me to hope Roon do a whole UI break down and do over someday.


You may as well a Release Date on the Tidal View while you’re at it

This has bugged me as well. Wish for release date on all album views!

+1 for me on this too.

Ah but which release date?

Recording date?
This is the date I would to see.

Initial release date?
Useful except when it isn’t - John Coltrane “Blue World” shows a release date of 2019 but the sessions were recorded in 1964. 1964 is the much more useful date.

Reissue release date?
Useful only if the reissue is substantially different from the original issue otherwise use the original issue date.

Original Release Date would be my preference and the most useful IMHO. Recording date is often unpopulated and may be different for different tracks. Agree with @Jazzfan_NJ it’s not perfect in every situation.


My bias most likely stems from my many years of listening to and collecting jazz recordings. In the jazz world the recording date is the most important date since the actual recording may have been issued many times throughout the years.

Louie Armstrong’s Hot Five and Hot Sven recordings from the 1920s have been reissued countless times in many different collections. Sure the date of release of a given collection is important but the recording date gives one a pretty good idea about what material is actually included on given collection.

In the popular music world things are little different and the original release date may not be as important as the reissue release date depending on what included in the reissue package.

I won’t even attempt to say what date is important in the classical music world since most classical music collectors make even the most OCD jazz collector look rather sedate. :smile:

So as you said “it’s not perfect in every situation.”

How about just the date that’s already there in the single file view? Just want it to continue over to the grid view.

Fair enough

+1 for extending the release date info to the whole search from Qobuz. It is really important info and would be helpful when sifting through the thousands of public domain releases that are a major problem with pre-1964 releases in Europe.

+1 to have the date displayed in all views. Thank you.

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