View BPM/Tempo and curate a playlist

Can you have Roon be able to display BPM values and be able to create playlists and or tags. Be able to use Focus to configure the filter for BPM: low (0 - 80) medium (80 - 130) fast (130 -170) you can also utilize the UI (View More ) of “ADDED IN THE LAST” or

This would let us curate our playlist to match the tempo we want ie. interval workout session or a party playlist.
Itunes already has that option (hidden but easily able to turn on)
Roon has soo many options to “Focus“ on, you can add that next to Sample rate or Bit Depth

If you wanted to you could even add Tempo/BPM analyzer to ROCK /Nucleus.
The hardware processing power could take the load that the analyzer is cranking out.
The Initial scanning could take a while, but the incrementals would be a breeze.
Kinda like backing up a system.

Thanks for your time.

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