Viewing and operating the Roon Core on Nucleus using a Mac

in preparing to switch from a mac mini running roon to a nucleus i had the same question.

if i understand correctly, in order to duplicate my current experience – viewing and operating the roon gui using a mac (+monitor+keyboard+mouse) i would require the same hardware, but connecting somehow to the headless roon server running on the nucleus.

is that right – that i could use the existing roon gui running on the mac (as a client), where the nucleus acts as a pure music server?

if so, i’m not clear how the mac would connect to the nucleus.

the Nucleus only presents a command line if you were to hook up a monitor. It does not have any graphical interface at all and is only a backend server. You need to run the client on the Mac. In which you would connect the client to the Nucleus, by going to Settings/Genreal Disconnect from the mac Mini and then chose the new Nucleus as the server.

over the network. preferably Wired, not Wifi.

You need to run the client on the Mac … over the network … wired.

perfect - thanks daniel.