Viewing different rip versions of the the same CD

I’m trying to compare rip differences of same cd between EAC and dB poweramp software but Roon doesn’t recognize both stored folders even when making names different
Is there a procedure for this issue to enable both versions to be listed and play ?
And yes I do have Tidal and HQ running

Hi @Mark_Finestone ----- Thank you for the report!

Can you verify if you have the “Show Hidden Albums” feature turned on under the “General” tab found in settings. When you do navigate to the version of the album that is being displayed, do you see a “other versions” button present?


Yes when I open other versions it shows me which cd is primary and from what I can see I have to make the other version changed to primary to listen unless there’s another way of doing this
Interesting how EAC is less detailed than DBpoweramp on same cd rip

If you click on the secondary version, are you not able to play it?

The idea here is that if you have 6 different masterings of “Kind Of Blue” you get a single album cover in your browser. You can pick which mastering is your primary version, and the other editions are a few clicks away.

You can turn this feature off by toggling the “Show Hidden Albums” option Eric mentioned above, or you can read more about this functionality here.

I’m going to try seeing if secondary version plays…
I don’t think it does

No accurate rip is less/more detailed than any other. For an Exact Audio Copy rip to sound different from a dBpoweramp rip of the very same CD, you are not getting an accurate rip from one or the other, you have activated DSP post processing functions on one or the other, you have enabled replay gain tagging on one or the other that is affecting playback levels, and/or you are hearing things.


Thanks AJ
I must agree I’m definitely hearing what I reported on several cds which has lead me to make the observation with interest as to why. I’ve rechecked both ripping programs and no dsp or other special settings in place. Confounding