Vinyl collection: Any way to take the Discogs collection output to tag albums in Roon?

I have been thinking about tagging albums in Roon with a “Vinyl” tag if I happen to have the album on vinyl.

Is there a way / plug-in method to read the Discogs collection output, identify the albums in Roon, and tag them?


2 ways that i know of which are doable:

songkong can scrape discogsinfo → paying, but worth it and very decent automatic results
or tagscanner can scrape discogsinfo → freeware, but lots of manual work to do it album per album

the vinyl tag is something you could add in the tagging flow

I don’t understand your suggestion here, or maybe what I don’t understand is what SongKong is offering. Will SongKong scan my entire local library, find matches on my Discogs, and for those matches add a custom tag to the files?

What I want is something that uses my Discogs collection (ie the vinyl albums I own) and adds a custom tag in Roon so I can see all my vinyl albums, make sure I don’t buy an album I already own (happened multiple times!) and show me what I can play on vinyl if I so wish.

BTW, I use Yate on mac for tagging tweaking. Works great. But I don’t think it is as powerful as SongKong in terms of finding matches to untagged songs.

No it won’t trawl your Discogs collection it only uses Discogs to fix metadata missing from files you have from the main Discogs DB. Not sure there is anything available to do what you want. Whilst Discogs has a Rest api to access data I don’t know of any third party app that can access your own data. Sounds like this would need to be written for this specific need. Could be done using APIs and metadata flac.

You could look into Beets on Linux is likely the closet thing but needs command line and python knowledge and stil not sure it will do what you want.

I would say manual is your current option unless your good at scripting. Get a list out of Discogs of your vinyl and get it into XL. Export your library as an XL from Roon and look for duplicate album names and artists then search your library and edit them either with a tag editor to add RoonAlbumTag or via Roon manually.

Yes there is. Idea from @miguelito : use soundiiz. It is not free, but can synchronize lists between services. I was already using it to add lists from Spotify to Qobuz, but yesterday I discovered it is also possible to use it with Discogs. It does take a while, but it works.

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I didn’t realise Soundiiz could access Discogs. I have Soundiiz so tested it. Whilst it does access your Discogs it has no means to sort out what format they are. But I suppose it is a start to get out a csv. Or you could add them to streaming platform, then sync that into Roon focus on those only and look for version in Roon that’s yours but still a lot of manual work.

SongKong can automatically match your albums to Discogs (and MusicBrainz), and it will also set a release media type field indicating if they are Vinyl, CD ecetera and a field containing url link to the Discogs release. It doesn’t interact with your Discogs collection, however in a way you can use it create your Discogs collection because you would end up with your songs tagged with a link back to Discogs so you possibly could use it to create a more accurate list of Discogs album you have then with your current Discogs Collection.

You can test out the results in preview mode with free SongKong Lite version.

This is what I want to do: I have a vinyl collection which is catalogued on Discogs. I want to take that collection and find the corresponding albums on Qobuz and/or TIDAL (I subscribe to both). The source is my collection of vinyl albums which I have set up on Discogs.

I DO NOT need to tag my local files - that I have already done.

Unless I misunderstand SongKong, this is NOT something SongKong can do.

Do you want to match your local files to equivalent quobuz albums within roon, or is this outside of roon and unconnected to your local files?

Then if that’s all you want to do then use Soundiiz. It will take your Discogs collection and attempt to match it in streaming service of your choice. It won’t be able to distinguish the exact version of the album but will match it to what they have. If you have other stuff in Discogs from CD it can’t distinguish which is vinyl and which is CD.

But this isn’t what you said in your opening post, as you ask about tagging albums in Roon.

Roon matches my local digital albums to TIDAL and Qobuz versions by default - one of its key features in my opinion - but does not necessarily group them together. So a lot of my library curation in Roon is related to making sure these albums are TIDAL and/or Qobuz favorites and that in Roon they are grouped together.

The point of this thread is a little different: I have vinyl albums as well, catalogued on Discogs. So what I want is a way to identify those digital versions (on TIDAL, Qobuz, and/or local) so that I can tag them with a Vinyl tag. Then I can use Roon to filter albums by this tag and now I have a list of the albums I own right there (I have enough that I sometimes forget what I have, and I have unintentionally repurcased albums I already have).

Yes it can. On Discogs you can categorize your collection, so you can put all vinyl in one “Vinyl” category, etc etc. Soundiiz can see the categories.

Can it I didn’t see that at all when it imported mine. Mine are in Discogs as vinyl or cd it just imported it as one lump. On the mobile app I can filter between vinyl and cd no need for a category to do it. Seems you can’t do that on the webpage oddly.

You probably have everything in “Uncategorized”. Just look!!!

I don’t need it categorised as the app on iPhone filter it for me. I don’t use the webapp

You asserted you cannot differentiate vinyl from CD on Soundiiz. You can by categorizing your collection.