Virtual soundcard -> internet radio streaming server

A while back someone posted a link to a piece of server software which could stream around the home using Internet radio streaming protocols. I’ve searched but can’t find. Does anyone know what it is?

Maybe this one?

TuneBlade, if that is what you are referring to, uses Airplay.

No, I’m afraid not. I have a vague feeling that it was called “black” something or other, or perhaps another colour!

It might be this one (“dark” instead of “black” :slight_smile: ):

The combination of darkice and icecast seems to be able to turn a soundcard input into an mp3 stream. Sounds interesting.

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That was it! Thanks Jan.

Joel, if you end up setting this up, we’d appreciate some notes!

Could this work through a local network - i.e. using a local intranet address for a radio station in Roon ? If you could get that to work it would be brilliant !