Visual distinction between ratings (editorial/user's)

Well, since the “ratings” thread was closed, I figured I’d open another one.

The issue here is that, while the latest build restored ratings in Album view, Roon no longer makes the distinction between what’s a user rating and what’s an editorial rating.

For reference, before, user’s own used to be displayed in a different color (blue on grey), while the editorial’s are grey on grey.

This behavior actually shows while in album detail view. If you have rated an album, Roon clearly lets you know by displaying the rate in blue.

Now, please extend this behavior to Album View.

Thanks much!

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Your other topic on this issue is still open, and Roon are fixing the issue:

Sorry, brain fart. Haven’t had my coffee yet, and couldn’t remember/see that I already have a topic open on this specific subject.

Mods, please close this.


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I know the feeling!