Visual indicator for bit rate? [Answered: option in settings]

I think it’d be really helpful to be able to see an icon next to an album indicating what it’s bit rate or max bitrate available is.


A small icon (or maybe 2 for Tidal and Qobuz) on the bottom right would work perfectly and hopefully wouldn’t be too resource intensive to do.

It’s basically one of the only features I still prefer about the native apps where Qobuz uses this Hi Rez logo:

And Tidal uses this M icon for Master Quality:


In ‘Settings-General’, have you switched on ‘show album format in browser’?

This then shows you little icons for CD quality, or MQA, MP3, AAC etc… see below.

When you click on an album, you can see its sample rate. See below

Thanks for the reply!

Yeah I have that setting on. It’s definitely nice that it exists, but the purpose of what I’m asking is more for browsing purposes. If I’m looking at Qobuz’s new releases and I’m in the mood for something hi rez, I’d have to click each individual album and go back and forth looking to see what fits.

Similarly if I’m looking at an artists discography, it’d be cool to know if they have a lot of hi rez content or not at a glance.

It’s much faster to have it displayed on those outer screens.

In “Settings” under “General”, turn on “Show album format on browser”. You will get this:

It shows the the resolution of each album. This works the same way when browsing artists discography.

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Perfect thanks!

All that’s left now is the same for playlists :wink: