Vivaldi - Dorilla in tempe RV709: Simfonia in C major - Composition errors

As evidenced when importing flac files for Vivaldi: Cello Concertos by Jean-Guihen Queyras and_Akademie fur Alte Musik Berlin on Harmonia Mundi, this composition is not picking up the 3 sub parts or structuring the composition correctly.

@Andy_Foster Hi Andy, it looks like there is a lot coming through from your file tags. Is this album identified?

Hi Joel, yes it is identified. Reviewing the album tags now through the editor I don’t understand why so many are set to the file tags as I am not aware I set them to be ?


Oh oh. I’ve just realized what this is. Our metadata provider is telling us that each movement is a separate performance of the same composition. This usually happens when the movements are obvious excepts, which may well be the case here. We’ll ask them to take another look, but they might not agree to change this.

We have an existing ticket to “fix” this type of problem which, unfortunately, is down to the whim and editorial policies of the provider.

The short-term alternative is to go down the WORK/PART file tagging route for these three tracks and to Prefer File for the Multi-Part Composition Grouping metadata preference for this album. However, I’d caution that, if you do so, any future improvements in Roon metadata for this album will not be used in your library.

Hi @Andy_Foster. We got this (swift) reply:

You are right, they have separate performances because they are linked to the complete opera. The only times we create a separate compositionID for overtures or sinfonias from larger works is when they are recorded hundreds of times independently of the larger work and/or were published separately.

We added a movement title to the first track.

So my advice immediately above this post stands: you can live with it as is until we code an improvement or do some file tag editing.