Vivaldi's Four Seasons is incorrectly displayed as Il quattro stagione rather than Le quattro Stagioni

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Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

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no idea from which of Roon databases it comes from but… it really hurts both (my) eyes and brain

“Il” (The): masculin, singular → must be “Le”, feminine, plural
“Quattro” (Four): numeral (this one’s ok)
“Stagione” (Season): feminine, singular - must be “Stagioni”, feminine, plural

thanks for manually (at the very least) fixing this asap
(… already reported two/three years ago :roll_eyes:)

oh… almost forgot: obviously it’s like this in each and every “The Four Seasons” album/interpreter/edition

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Even a simple google search returns:

The Italian translation of “the four seasons” is “le quattro stagioni ”.

No excuse.

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well… actually… it’s the other way around: Vivaldi wrote it in italian :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It probably comes from AllMusic Guide:

So you might be better off writing them:

You need to write to Tivo, which is where allmusic gets it data from. If you write to allmusic they will just respond to tell you to write to TiVo. :grinning:

ok, one more “glitch” that will never be fixed :+1:

I’ve not had that experience. Tivo just owns Allmusic and when I have written them, it’s been fine. Maybe it helps that I pay $12 a year for an Allmusic subscription? Best $12 I spend each year.

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Hi @pl_svn,

Please use the template form when posting your metadata issues. This information helps us to maintain consistency and repurpose reports when we’re implementing system wide fixes of metadata displays. I’ve added it to your post above. Thanks

@jamie … forgive me… what’s so obscure, in my post, to need a template so one can get it?
the following part of my original post tells all Roon needs to find the issue and fix it :wink:

Hi @pl_svn,

It’s helpful to know the version that you found it on. I see that you said it’s on every version but having your source would be a good start. You’re asking us to fix it, and we’d like to. Can you give us a starting point? Thanks. :+1:t2:

ok. then… let’s try starting from search results for “Vivaldi Four Seasons”, this page:

you might notice the shame is already there!
then let’s scroll down the list and check one by one every album/instance it contains, for example…

… etc etc etc…

Just a followup - I have used my AllMusic subscription support to get this changed processed, and as of today it is partially done - they have changed the “Il” to “Le” - I am working on the stagione part - stay tuned!

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Hey @DDPS, thanks for your assistance with that. I was also investigating the origin of the syntax error here. As you know the metadata seen in Roon isn’t ours. It comes from our metadata partners. Many of our customers don’t understand this.

We have to coordinate with them and cordially request that they make changes when these problems are reported. Because of that we’re not able to make any promises regarding a timeline for corrections. We’re also not able to make immediate prescriptive changes, as @pl_svn requested, for these very reasons. Our metadata improvement efforts are focused on system wide fixes.

But courtesy and patience go a long way in getting these reports resolved when communicating with our metadata providers. We appreciate your assistance here!

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thank you so much @DDPS :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @pl_svn,

I wanted to follow up to let you know that we’ve reached out to the Rovi/AMG data team to alert them of this problem and thank them for the work they’ve done so far. Thanks

Thank you for getting in touch with us with your report. We appreciate your help. Thank to you as well @DDPS for your help. The more eyes we have on metadata the better the chance that we can catch these errors and get them corrected.

Super. Let’s hope they fix that final singular/plural issue and we can all call this finito!

Rovi has confirmed the fix. I should start appearing in corrected form in about a week, if not sooner.

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Yes, nice! It’s 100% fixed on:

The only thing I would emphasize to people on these forums is that it’s worth having a paid AllMusic account to get attention, and it only costs $12/year. I was a paying AllMusic subscriber for years before I was a Roon subscriber, and knowing that data set and having it linked up with my own music is one of the reasons I love Roon!!!

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