Volroon - Roon Bridge on Volumio

Hello tinkerers,
I’ve created a plugin for Volumio (V3) that uses the Roon Bridge service as provided by Roon, but features metadata and control for and from Volumio.

It’s still under submission with Volumio but you can have a look over here if you’re feeling very tinkery: https://github.com/charliesjc/volroon. npm install takes ages. I haven’t worked out why just yet.

Because I’ve taken inspiration from the Display Zone code, you don’t need to authorize the extension for it to work.

One feature I would like to see on the Roon API in the future is the sample/bit rate/quality of the current track.


Hi - Is this in the Volumio store/plugin list if I re-install Volumio on my Pi4 yet? And will the artwork show on a Pi with a display attached? I think Volumio with a Roon bridge that showed artwork would be my best-of-all-worlds approach. I recall testing Volumio but uninstalled because the artwork didn’t display and went back to Ropieee.

Thanks for your hard work!

I would love to have artwork and metadata like ropieee on volumio.


Hey @Matt_Stevons/@Sheldon_Stokes,
The plugin is in the store beta channel. You just need to enable plugin test mode to see it. In your browser go to volumio/dev and enable it there. Then you’ll see my plugin.

I have tried to get it to work without needing authorization in Roon but sometimes it still seems to need it. If it does then just go to Settings → Extensions in Roon and authorize the plugin.

Metadata works on HDMI and touch displays etc.


Thanks! I’ll try it out this weekend.

The plugin works great. Sometimes it needs reauthorization in Roon, you need to work on that. Congratulations on your achievement, I’ve been waiting for your work.

Hi @Krzysztof_Filipak,
Thanks. What do you mean it needs reauthorization? Are you finding you have to authorize it multiple times?

After turning Volumio off and on again, I have to re-authorize in Roon.

That’s bizarre. It’s the first I’ve heard of that behaviour. What version of Volumio and platform? Which version of my plugin? And which version of Roon core and platform?

Just wanted to say this is working great, thanks so much for your work here. Being able to see art with both Airplay and Roon is really nice. I’ve only had to authorize once in Roon under Extensions, but that’s a pretty small lift. I’ve rebooted Volumio a few times while I keep setting it up, and it’s still working pretty well. Using a Pi 4 with the official display.

Hey @Matt_Stevons, Thanks, I’m glad you like my plugin.

In my initial testing a few months ago I was able to get it to work without needing authorization but I think those days are gone, perhaps it was simply due to a bug in the Roon Core software that has since been dealt with? Either way I will change the literature in the plugin settings guiding users straight to the extension auth screen right from the start.

It’s really no big deal to do. An Apple TV app that controls Roon and shows a now playing screen requires the same and I think it’s fairly popular. Better to put your efforts in other things IMO.

Thanks a lot! Works good!

Thanks Dale, awesome plugin!