Volt Amp discontinued - what alternative would you recommend?

Hi everyone. Looking for some help on this. I’m midway through replacing my multi-room Sonos system with Allo Boss/Volt amp combinations. I love the sound of the Boss for the money and the Volt amp is a convenient way to get a one box solution (albeit with two power cables).

Checking the Allo web site today it looks like they have discontinued the Volt amp which is disappointing as I still need to replace a couple of Sonos units.

I’d prefer to stick with the Allo Boss if possible (but will consider good sound quality alternatives). Would the Volt+ standalone amp be a suitable alternative to the Volt (and how does volume work with Roon?). Are there any better alternatives for the money?

Thanks in advance for any help


Have a look at the HiFiBerry Amp2. I use one with Ropieee, and am very happy with it.

I’m playing around with the HiFiBerry amp100 beta and if you liked the Allo products then I think you’ll be just as happy with the HiFiBerry amps. The Amp2 with built in dac should sound pretty much like the amp100 and I think it’s sounds really good.

Thanks for the quick replies folks. I’ll take a look at those suggestions and could definitely be tempted by the simplicity of the one box solution.

Is anyone using an inexpensive external amp with Pi-based DACs, and is there any benefit?

Thanks again for the help on this guys. Just to close this off I’ve decided to go for the Amp2…just as soon as it, and its case, is back in stock with HiFiBerry :joy: