Volume control capable of jumping

Most of the software I use permits a slider to jump if you click somewhere between where it is and where it could be.

With Roon on my Mac, the only way to move it 20 clicks is to grab the slider and slide it up.

I’m wondering if there’s a reason I can’t simply click where I want it to go and have it jump there in one or two leaps?

I’m sure there’s more precise language to use here, but I think you get the idea.


I think Roon have very sensibly exercised some caution in how they let you crank the volume. I must admit I hadn’t noticed what you describe this as I only brief had devices in device or DSP volume modes and has set the comfort limits to prevent accidental cranking to high volume when possibly connected to a powerful sound system which may cause equipment damage or the case when using headphones and a powerful headphone amp that could result in hearing damage.

Most other software I have used behave as you wish for TBH I am never keen on letting it have unrestricted volume access.

Maybe this is what is getting in the way here.

totally agree

the workaround is that instead of jumping all at once, you click that spot and it gets there in two or three leaps…