Volume control in Sonore Roonready settings

Should I set Volume control in Roonready settings to "None, “Software” or “Hardware”? I am configuring these settings on a Macmini which houses the roonserver core and is connected to my main 2-channel/HT audio system. This same system is the only one which is also served by the micro-rendu.

There are two other Macminis housing roon bridges and attached to other independent systems in the house that are not served by the microrendu. There is also a Macbook pro and handheld devices all housing roon. My question is that in situation where the microrendu only serves one system on this network, what is the best way to set volume control in sonore’s roonready configuration?

I would set it to None (100%) if I had a preamp or volume control knob on the Dac

Thanks. I thought the same thing.